Artist Statement



Gregor Hart is a contemporary artist living and working in Perth, Western Australia.


His work is informed by personal narratives, which investigate absence and loss through material artifacts. A fascination with process drives his concerns so that the image that emerges is often a surprise to the maker, as it is often a result of alchemical tests, chance and fieldwork rather than relying on predetermined strategies. Such a working method embraces Romantic and Humanistic concerns where the emotion of the subject and the environment is fused with the manner of making.


His most recent work appears to have formal properties of the 19th century and the birth of photography however the camera-less print process (Lumen Print) is a recent development. Like all works that utilise photographic means, time is an inherent factor in the making. Each print is unique offering a singular vision of the plant.


Print work by Hart utilises the fusion of modern digital technology with historical photographic practice to create hybrid conceptual works.